Wedding Planning Ideas & Concepts

The dress is usually the most important piece to any wedding. If you need to find an amazing dress on a budget visit a wedding expo and you can get your dream dress for a dreamy price. When it comes to bridesmaids dresses try to have all the dresses match with the color scheme of the wedding.

Whether you are doing an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding make sure all the decorations fit your dream wedding. Before you pick a venue have all your decorations and layout put together to make sure the venue can and will accommodate you. There are a lot of places to choose from so shop around!

Finding the perfect wedding cake can be stressful but don’t settle. Make sure you visit multiple cake shops and sample many different cakes to find the one that fits your wedding. Try to have the cake follow the same theme as the wedding as well as color scheme. If it will be a custom cake order it way in advance and preview the cake to make sure it’s correct before it is delivered.

Flowers can set the entire mood for the wedding so make sure you have the concept and color scheme of your wedding finalized before you pick your flower arrangement! Bright colors always add an amazing tone to an outdoor wedding while solid colors are more appropriate for a church wedding.

Getting Through The Wedding

Accept that everything with your wedding will not be perfect and understand that at the end of the day your new life begins!


Your not alone. Everyone who is there is there to love and support you so ask for help if you need it.


If people want to help out financially or with a special talent then let them but on your terms. No obligation from you.


Pay attention! It is a very overwhelming day and a lot of details will get lost in the chaos. Document your day. 


There is a slight letdown at the end of the wedding when everything you spent months of planning is over.

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